Expository Preaching

The preaching of the word of God is central to the ministry and mission of Calvary Broadcasting. We firmly believe in the expository preaching method. If you have never heard the term before, expository preaching refers to a thorough, systematic approach to preaching the Bible that gives careful heed to the words and context of the Scripture. It prioritizes the actual words written in the Bible by allowing the text to drive the message the preacher delivers. In other words Scripture itself is central to the truths the preacher presents - not psychology - not man's ideas - and not "felt needs." 

Because expository preaching is so important, we have carefully chosen pastors and evangelists who are faithful interpreters of God's word, who have a fervent love for God, and who hold to the expository method of sermon preparation. Additionally, Calvary Broadcasting only airs preachers who are Fundamental in belief and association. Each pastor that you hear on the air is committed to maintaining ministry associations that are separate from false teachers and from disobedient brothers.

Our prayer is that the word of the God will permeate your heart and will continue to transform you to become more like Jesus Christ!